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Knowing the flow

We believe that energy is the core essential of all life, where its charge and flow has the innate ability to be generative and sustaining in all its myriad forms, and it is perpetually changing. We need only look at our universe for evidences of it, where there is constant creative power and extraordinary balance that moves, shapes, and transforms all of it, infinitely, and with apparent ease.

Grateful support...

"I have known Jonathan for many years and have found him to be a very passionate professional in his chosen career of energy work.


Having experienced both his wisdom through counsel and his energy healings, my life is definitely richer, more balanced and healthier as a direct result! Thank you Jonathan." Dianne Goulding - Medium & Intuitive Counsellor, Gawler East, South Australia, Australia - 2020


"I have known Jonathan for more than 20 years. He has been facilitating and teaching a gentle yet powerful healing modality of accessing our own centre of energy, where healing comes from.


He is truly a medicine man. If you are looking for an alternative modality for physical, emotional and spiritual healing, give yourself the gift of exploring with him real and deep healing." Maria Franco, MA, Spiritual Psychologist, Riverside, California, USA - 2020


Having long experienced and known glimpses of this at personal levels, it is the passion of the

LifeSpirit family to align with being energy centred, universally balanced, and living prosperously,

and to inspire that in resonant others.


We engage in continued partnering with those who aspire to be creatively energised in their lives,

by encouraging their inner awareness, alignment, steadiness & healthy flow. We aim to empower

wellbeing, appropriate performance, and healing in the spirit of all that is felt, thought, said and

done.  In brief, we are about - 

                            Creating prosperous energy with you.


Giving relevant experiences

LifeSpirits services and goods give creative opportunities for awareness, experience, understanding and knowledge of energy flow and its prosperous expression in the forms of -


  • Appreciating gifts and talents - what does it take for us to understand that being silent or still can be just as powerful as having a lot to say or do? Do we really know being street-smart isn't the same as being knowledgable, or the same as being intelligent? 

  • Being still in the midst of chaos - how well can we stay centred and energised in the roller-

       coaster ups and downs of life, or handle the times of tragedy and death, or perhaps the over

       stimulation of an overtly abundant lifestyle?

  • Building wellness - does our body truly know the value of regular laughter, or does our mind

       understand the right use of each season's energy and our own unique character make up to    

       successfully be well? 

  • Celebrating uniquenesses - can we look in the mirror and see our own uniqueness, or see and

       celebrate it in others?

  • Clearing what's not working - are there hidden old energy patterns that are continuing to sabotage our good energy flow?

  • Deciphering the unknown - just because something appears scary, or dangerous, or unknown, does that mean it is, or it can stop us and block our creative flow of energy?

  • Moving past fear and shame - are these energies freezing, or traumatising, or blocking us from progressing forward in our lives?

  • Raising energy awareness - do we have clarity around how energy works, or how it affects our lives, and take action to help others benefit from this awareness and experience?

  • Relieving pain and sickness - what can be done to energetically resolve pain, discomforts and ills, and can we do that for ourselves?

  • Seeing new possibilities - do our minds seem to stay in old repetitive patterns, or seem stuck and uncreative, and we want to break through that?

  • Discovering authentic peace - when did we last feel the settled sense of "we will not be moved by outer occurrences" or know deep down inside that we are truly at home in ourselves?

  • Enjoying colourfulness - have we ever felt fully okay to embrace all the creative and energetic colourfulness we are, and bring ways to express those expressions in our lives?

  • Finding clear focus - are distractions and fuzziness fogging up our ability to clearly focus and move in a specific direction?

  • Generating real confidence - can we see the difference between arrogance and naivety, and be in the place of genuine confidence? 

  • Gifting your presence to others - do we comprehend how much our simply being present for another, without the need to necessarily say or do anything, can make a huge difference to their energetic wellbeing? 

  • Growing vibrant businesses - what is at the core of fulfilling the needs of others and offering genuine service?

  • Listening to the grief - when did we last take a moment to visit the aspects of loss and grief in ourselves or share in it with another, and fully let go of that which no longer serves us?  

  • Loving the differences - how do we view all the many differences in ourselves, others, the opposite sex, other cultures, religions, and races and work with them creatively?

  • Understanding sensitivity - are there inexplicable things that seem to happen, or occurences that have no logical explanations for the sensitivities that we have?

  • Valuing true simplicity - with the complex nature and fast pace of living, does our feeling of overwhelm or inability to cope drain away our energy?

  • Taking a new step today - are we feeling stuck, or can't see a way forward, or lack energy to take a step, or just need someone to be there as we take a leap of faith?


Want to discuss these more? Call us now.

A little LifeSpirit background


Describing the indescribable

The words "life", "spirit", and "enterprises" can have all kinds of meanings.  In our approach, we have melded life and spirit into the word LifeSpirit, with the intention of melding the all encompassing sense the word life brings, into embodying the energetic nature of all that is, often described as Spirit.  The word enterprises to us is intended to convey our opportunity to constantly embrace initiatives and activities that authentically embody our flow of energy, our spirit of life, our LifeSpirit.

Following our passion for life 


Shaped for more than we know

Everyone of us, to some extent, has been shaped by our learned and inherent values, beliefs, attitudes, emotional experiences, emerging character qualities, and influences of the surrounding atmospheres and experiences in which we live, play and work.  Not all of these added prosperous energy to our lives.

Developing the deeper awareness of our authentic core energy makeup and flow, can strengthen that which increases our energy, and we can make choices to move through our limiting experiences, energy drains, karma, ignorance, leakages, or wasteful habits, to living and working with clear, clean, and prosperous power from our very source.  Following our passion is a matter of choice.


LifeSpirit provides experiences and tools to assist people and businesses to be in their passion, generating more consistent creative energy in themselves, and giving more powerful support to others in assisting us all to be prosperous, creative, peaceful and healthy.

Wholesome ethos approach


Working with the whole picture

In delivering our energy work, services and products, LifeSpirit makes every endeavour to

embrace the bigger picture of what is occurring in other's lives, and as best it can abide by laws

of the land, commonsense, and the following Code of Ethics.

Our services predominantly employ non-touch energy technology; where touch is required, it will be clearly indicated and agreed before progressing with a service.  The energy flow process is primarily directed through the endocrine and other anatomical systems to bring physical and energetic alignment, so as to enhance a person’s quality of life.


The energetic/attunement approach includes but is not limited to the following premises: 

  • Energy is the radiant source of life and of healing and infuses all life forms, including human beings

  • Attunement is a process that focuses on bringing body, mind and emotions into alignment and harmony with the source of all energy

  • Healing occurs as a natural result of the restoration or increase of the radiant flow of Life

  • The energy/attunement practitioner assists in creating a safe atmosphere for the client to open to the currents of life


The energy/attunement practice includes:

  • Sharing energy/attunement in a professional relationship with clients for a return - i.e. payment may take the form of money (fees or donations), time, products or services received in exchange for services rendered

  • Sharing energy/attunement with family members, friends, associates or peers, with or without remuneration

  • Long distance energy/attunement

  • Group or collective energy/attunement, e.g. circles, mandalas, world radiation, blessing times, etc


In energy/attunement practice, it is understood that:

  • The energy current within all life forms is the source of healing

  • It is our responsibility to respect the inherent spiritual/energetic nature of clients or receivers

  • Our focus is on the flow and natural wellness of life, rather than ill conditions

  • We use our skills of perception and radiant giving to assist in balancing and increasing the flow of life energy in and through clients or receivers

  • The energy/attunement relationship is a collaborative one, in which we and the clients or receivers work together in creative partnership

  • In any energy process/attunement shared there is an inherent power differential because of what we're offering or in our role as a

  • practitioner, therefore we have a responsibility to use our power and influence consciously and with care

  • Manipulation or misuse of power, in any form – emotional, physical, mental, financial, verbal or sexual – is unacceptable; it can be grounds for an offence in law

We commit to:

  • Obtain permission before sharing an energy process/attunement

  • Respect the physical boundaries of our clients and to be aware of the sensitivities many people have in this area

  • Refrain from engaging in any sexual conduct or sexual activities involving clients

  • Hold confidential whatever transpires in the professional relationship, except where prohibited by law and/or when given permission by the person

  • Refrain from diagnosing or treating disease and from making any claims regarding the ability to cure disease

  • Give advice only if asked, and then to do so within the scope of our expertise

  • Refrain from judging people and clients; rather, to receive all circumstances with compassion and to respect the choices made by those we serve, knowing that we each are responsible for our own worlds

  • Perform only those services for which we are qualified and to represent accurately our education, experience, certification and professional affiliations

  • Maintain the practitioner / client relationship only as long as it seems to be of energetic benefit to the client, and not to continue the relationship for reasons of financial or other gain

  • Refer clients to other professionals when appropriate

  • Participate in ongoing education and collaboration with our peers, mentors and teachers in order to further develop our abilities and talents

  • Work in complementary ways with other healing arts practitioners and professions

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