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Growing Energy Wellness / Living & Learning / Right Person & Right Time / Safe Space / Network Strength / Creative Variety / Compassionate Listening.....


Developing your energy lifestyle

Our mentoring approach assumes some level of energy awareness and experience in a person, which they

wish to expand into a personal lifestyle for themselves, and perhaps even into a practice of some sort as

well.  LifeSpirit can mentor and counsel with you to help find the range your working with and look to

co-create appropriate elements and guidelines for developing your energy learning and mentorship.  Such

tailoring varies from person to person as does the time process, and this is all discussed with you as the

package is being put together. 


The right guides

For the energy flow process to work well between people, it needs agreement in the partnerships and a team approach for the giving and receiving to be creative.  Over many years, LifeSpirit and our associates have integrated this understanding through meeting and sharing with other energy work colleagues, being mentored ourselves, and where possible collaborating in what we do.  We are proud to offer a good quality and standard of energy-based coaching and mentoring opportunities where the mutual agreement fits.
From personal recommendation, we have developed a decent reputation for consistency, professionalism, and friendliness, as we've built our base of clients.  While we work with what is invisible, we are down to earth people who like to laugh, live passionately, and bring transformative experiences through our work.  We appreciate the value of good emotional, physical and mental nurturing and caring that encourages our natural and energetic well being - and we would love to do that for you.



Grateful support...

"Jonathan embraces an openness of heart that provides a substantial safe place for anyone who is willing and ready to get in touch with their own healing process. His compassion and understanding for the human condition and how it may lead one into the experience of remembering one's true Self is a gift. And his marvelous radiation of joy, humor, and happiness is magnetic!"

Andrew Shier - Author, Master Attunement Teacher, Woodlands, New Hampshire, USA - 2020


"My first experience of Jonathan was at a training program for end of life care.  I was immediately drawn to his authenticity, his compassion, and his level of self-efficacy.  From there I began  my energy therapy sessions within his private practice, and I've never looked back.  I'm very comfortable with Jonathan's style of working, and when moving through difficult issues, I do this with a sense of reassurance and confidence in Jonathan's ability to "be there" and to hold the space.  Jonathan is a very reliable, very caring, and very effective energy worker." Marisha K - Trinity Gardens, South Australia, Australia - 2020

Jonathan A. MacIntyre

Principal Partner

Energy Sensitive, Consultant, Therapist & Teacher

Life experience at a glance -

  • German born, adopted into Australian family (18 months old)

  • Cubs, scouts, sea scouts (4 years)

  • Schooled to, but did not achieve 5th year high school (13 years)

  • Rotaract community service group (4 years)

  • News Ltd, from post boy to senior executive roles (13 years)

  • Partner in national Management Consultancy, specialising in values, marketing, leadership development, character analysis, etc - working with local & national companies (12 years)

  • Board Member of an industrial credit union, Spastic Centres SA, a spiritual NFP organisation & an International Guild for energy/attunement work (3, 7, 20 & 5 years)

  • Residential Village Management & Marketing (8 years)

  • Educo, outdoor experiential guide/coach for young people, local, USA & Canada (4 years) 

  • Navigating complexly mixed family & marital relationships (most of my life)

  • Energy/attunement work training, practice & teaching, local & international (25 years)

  • Right Use of Power training, practice & teaching (7 years)

  • Second and current marriage to Rosemary (17 years)

  • Riverdell Spiritual Centre management & community living at Gawler (10 years)

  • Lifeline crisis support trained counselor & volunteer (5 years)

  • Terminal private in-home (palliative) care assisting (2 years)

Passion for energetic wellbeing -

Early in my 25 years of corporate life, beginning in News Ltd and subsequently as a management & marketing consultant, I developed significant personal health issues - some of which had begun much earlier in my life - eventually coming to a very painful crisis point. What I slow began to realise was that I had certain sensitivities I didn't know I had, much less know how to handle. 


After years of using the traditional medical model, I found it wasn't giving me solutions I needed, so it prompted me to take more responsibility for my health and explore broader wellbeing and therapeutic processes, such as naturopathy, iridology, meditation, diet care, affirmations, exercise, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, etc - eventually bringing me in touch with energy work.


This particular experience vastly improved my awareness, my deeper understanding and my healing process, quickly becoming a passion in which I have trained, been mentored and coached, practiced and taught for more that 25 years now.  I have become a naturally skilled and mature energy work sensitive, with a genuine lifetime of working with my own energy generation and flow.  I bring practiced experience and counsel in creatively assisting clients' energy alignment, balance and healing processes.  I have trained in Lifeline crisis counselling, emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness and as a international Right Use of Power workshop facilitator, mentoring and teaching heart centred ethical use of energy.  


In tune with new findings in the field of energy medicine over the last ten years, I continue to freshly develop my personal and professional energy building and management approach.  I actively promote centering, clarity, ease, happiness, purpose, joy, relaxation, fun, and fulfillment as people engage in the power of building their energy.  

My life’s passion is to give people genuine energy experiences that inspire their meaningful living both personally and professionally. Clients tell me I bring an empathetic, compassionate and understanding nature to my work, and that they feel quickly at home with me. I have developed a reliable ability to sense, tune into, balance, and align energy currents - and it often follows that I help others learn to do it for themselves, through useful counsel, mentoring and learning.

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