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Energy Based Leadership Qualities / Energy Management Skills / Creating Energy Culture / Giving & Receving Feedback / Building Team Energies / Effectivity.....


Feed the energy need

Building an energetically strong corporate/business heart takes time, patience, a commitment to its

core energies and values, and how they are put into action.  In these challenging days, this is the key

foundation that can undergird the weathering of the many trials and tribulations going on in the

world. LifeSpirit partners with the core energy providers in the business/organisation to develop the

flow through of their service passion. 


Keep it simple and strong

Here are a selection of business energising approaches - 


Professional Energy Services

Services 1. Business Energy Check 


What are the core energies driving the business, and who are the people providing and maintaining them?  Are there adequate "cycle energy" generating people participating in the process?  Are they in sync with each other to clearly and creatively move the purpose and direction of the enterprise forward, as well as its goods and services?


LifeSpirit partners with you in developing the energy awareness, integrating people's processes, and providing tools for sustaining a healthy business.

Services 2. Team Energy Building


Is there awareness in the workplace team of how their energy works, at a cellular level, and what the benefits of cooperative energy building are? Does the team know what tears apart the company's flow and drive structure, decreases it vitality, and makes it and them unhealthy?  What does make a team process work so well? 


When energy is creatively generated between aligned working colleagues, there is a greater flow that builds long term prosperity for all. LifeSpirit can help you with it today.

Services 3. Right Use of Power


Rules and regulations are a necessary part of the operating of any business, particularly with respect to staff and community health and safety, wellbeing, and fair and reasonable treatment.  However there is an ethical component that goes beyond that and it is often overlooked in how power differentials play out among business owners, management, staff, clients and the general public.


How clear is the energy of power use or abuse in your business?  When was the last time anyone looked at what personal power actually is, or its affect on self care? Are there clear boundaries for people, proper confidentiality, or decent feedback processes? What is the ladder of inference, and how does impact v's intention play out between your staff?  


LifeSpirit has an internationally accredited Right Use of Power instructor that can assist you with building a solid power base in your business. 

Services 4. Energy-based Leadership


As a drop of water falls into the ocean, the ripple effect of the drop's energy reverberates out in all directions - it has a wide effect.  What does the future leadership process involve in your business?  Is it a sustainable energy base no matter what happens?  How are you building the energetic foundations for ongoing leadership through others?


The power of energy is that it actually flows in and through everything - being aware of and understanding how it works can transform your business - talk with LifeSpirit now. 

Services 5. Energising Relaxation 


How are you and your business staff coping with the professional challenges of today (as well as your life challenges) and managing your energetic self care?  This is an area of much understated concern through out the corporate world as people find difficulty in dealing with anxiety, depression, and poor performance.


Using elements of meditation, energy flow work and awareness building, LifeSpirit can create tailor-made relaxation and self care initiatives for staff - check with us now. 

Services 6. Pro Energy Consulting

No matter what aspect of the business, organisation, or company is lagging or out of sync, there will be a corresponding energy imbalance that needs addressing.  To re-invigorate or refresh the discrepency, it is only a matter of contacting LifeSpirit and we will arrange time with you to review what is occurring.


Like the human body's wellbeing, for a business to function at its best, all aspects need to be functioning at their premium level.  The hidden factor is the energy process that powers and drives it all - LifeSpirit has many years of experience in this field.

Corporate Fees

All corporate work is based on set fees, although some preparation work and creation of tailor-made programs or events may have higher or lower variations.  These will be negotiated as needed.  Excessive travel time, other expenses and accommodation may be added costs.  All materials, refreshments, and miscellaneous costs are billed separately from our fees, unless previously agreed otherwise.


Weekday - hourly rate (8am - 6pm)          $80.00   

Weekday - day rate (8hrs)                        $600.00

Weekend or night - hourly rate               $110.00

Weekend - day rate (8hrs)                        $820.00

Grateful support...

"Jonathan has been passionate about energy work for decades.  His sincerity, compassion and effective listening shines through in all he does.


Jonathan masterfully tailors his offerings to suit the needs of clients." Martin B - Gawler, South Australia - 2020

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