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Unlocking our personal energy mystery

Welcome to one simplistic view of the infinite field of energy from my perspective. I've fou

nd, through many uncomfortable experiences and some very enjoyable ones too, that seeing (and doing) from some different vantage points can be very freeing and energising.

Not that long ago, when we realised the earth was round, not flat, it changed the way we thought and did things - how liberating! My mid 30's health crisis was tied up in ignorantly believing I knew right and wrong better than the Universe did - that gave me a number of years of very painful learning right there.

Perhaps there are hidden or assumed beliefs or happenings in you that would benefit from being observed and done differently?

Energy has always been present in and around us, yet mostly we take it for granted and rarely stop long enough to really feel it, or understand it. With the rising awareness that the quality of our wellness is about more than just eating good food, or exercising, or being mentally active, or emotionally competent, it really helps to go deeper than that.

What are the ways of coping and bettering our health and wellbeing through knowing more about our sensitivity to energy?

One absolutely vital approach for me was to first STOP judging me - which was another aspect of me saying to me that it is right or wrong to be this way or that. Once I let go of seeing and believing what I thought were my oddnesses or weirdnesses as that, and bad to boot - which well-intentioned unaware others (family and loved ones included) had no trouble in either confirming or trying to convince me of - there was a magical switch in my energy and I began quite a healing process.

It opened up a new world for me....and it can for you too!

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