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Are you an unknowingly energy sensitive person and want to do something about it?

What does being an energy sensor mean? Actually, it is far more than our minds really know!  As we do know, our energy is always there at the source or core of us right now, ready for use.  It is like our own micro sun, shining its life giving beams through us and then into the world.....and, we have instant access to it, 24/7.....WOW!

It is energy that powers up our personal equipment - our bodies, minds and emotions - and it needs balance, clear purpose, direction and flow to be prosperous for us.

For most people, their personal energy awareness is an unconscious given, and it remains a mystery they are content to ignore. The consequences, when it is blindly used, taken for granted, or wasted, or gets blocked up, are that ill health, disease and malcontent follows.

Ring any bells for you? Have you consciously experienced what your energy is? Do you want the power and understanding of how to use your energy to live a better life - to heal well and to share it with loved ones and friends? Perhaps you want to create an abundant organisation, group or business that uses its collective energy well?  Want energy help?

YES?  Then partner with LifeSpirit's heart-centred energy approaches and experiences that can open the way for creating prosperous energy with you, today.

Hello, my name is Jonathan -

thank you for visiting these

LifeSpirit pages.  Since you

have found your way here,

I hope we can provide many

ways for you to open up to

your understanding, awareness, use and maintenance of your energy?

I am an aware energy sensitive person who has had to learn about it and work with it when there was little support or openness for this wonderful ability. Many people are unknowingly energy sensitive and are now waking up to the sense in them that there is more too - and there is!! Life's energy flows in and around us, powering and moving us in all that we think, say, and do, enlivening our human equipment of bodies, minds and emotions.  How very amazing!!

I've had over 35 years of practical living experience in how our human energy mix works. By moving through my fears, pain and discomforts I've come to know the do's and don'ts, the valuable and destructive sides, and what it takes to build the power for creating balance, health, prosperity and wellness in our lives.  It is worth it!

Our core energy is the very source of our uniqueness and talents. I trust you will choose to allow us to be of service to you in experiencing, realising and creatively using all of your energy for a better life.

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