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Commonsense processes

As simple as things can seem, there are elements of those things that need more of our awareness, understanding, experience and knowledge to be properly traversed - working with energy and its flow is no different.  For example, we can see a river and think we understand and know it from looking at it, yet beneath its surface we know there can be layers of fast or slow currents moving, hidden snags, differing depths, changing temperatures, shifting contours, and lurking creatures that can make it a whole different scenario to navigate.  LifeSpirit's approach to energy educating is to use as many well guided experiential commonsense practices as possible.

What is energy?


Worth Understanding

Refer to Energy Balancing FAQ's.



Why learn about energy?


Getting with our power

There is much activity inside and outside us that we consciously empower and enliven with our energy, and often, with either ignorant or unconscious permission, we can have energy draining from us too.  Learning experientially about our energy and its flow is the first step in coming to know its existence at our source, our core, and then how it's processes work.  Ask yourself if you have consciously ever experienced this source?  Do you know how to creatively use it to have and maintain longer lasting inner relaxation, calm, health, prosperity, renewal and healing for yourself and others?


Energy is the true power from the centre of our cellular makeup. As the wind powers the wind turbine to generate electricity, our Core Energy is the invisible magic that powers our body, mind, and emotions in generating our health, wellbeing and prosperity.  Care for our personal energy is fast becoming a top priority by energy aware people around the world.  IT IS THE POWER back of all we think, say, feel and do. As with any energy source, unless we’re aware of it, generating it, keeping it well charged up and consistently flowing through all our circuitry, we don’t live well - and it shows in our imbalances, discomforts, ailments, misalignments and inconsistent quality of Life.  That can all change with learning about our energy.

How does it apply to me?


One way to find out

Still not sure if energy learning is something for you?  Here is a way to check in and find out - ask and honestly answer for yourself the following questions -


Quick Energy Self Check:
   • Do you find yourself in chaos a lot?
   • Are worry, stress, and performance pressures exhausting you?
   • Do relationship issues or family difficulties have you over reacting?
   • Are small things constantly eluding you or sending you crazy?
   • Are you sleeping more than you are comfortable with, or can't actually get enough rest?
   • Is financial stress and bulked up credit cards taxing you?
   • Are you feeling anxious, fearful or angry more than usual, perhaps even having panic or rage attacks?
   • Is nagging ill health pulling you down, or is your recovery or healing process really slow?
   • Are you over or under eating, making poor food choices?
   • Are you caught in social addictions that zap your energy?
   • Is work really weighing heavily on you?

Answering "yes" to any of these questions is very good cause to look at whether you are, and how you are, generating, using, and managing your energy? Now is the perfect time to capitalise on the
energy services LifeSpirit provides to understand what is going on, and find the creative ways to balance and expand your flow of energy.

What is the right use of energy & power?


Creative energy or grim consequences

In these challenging times, having consistent creative and sustainable energy moving through us, at home and work, is a high priority for our wellness, balance, good function and prosperity - yet, for many it is still an elusive process.  Why? Here’s one way to see it.

Imagine the differing outcomes you would get between a competent, trained, well skilled, electrician wiring up your new home, and a person with no awareness of the accurate voltage and amperage of electricity that was going to flow through the different outlets and into your equipment or devices? The contrast would range between a safe, functional and stable home, through to the likelihood of dire consequences happening, wouldn’t it!?  The grim results would probably be the running of inadequate electrical power to the home, or equipment would operate poorly if at all, or there could be far too much power flowing through which could fuse the circuitry, burn out fuses, send equipment crazy, or even blow some of it up.  Not acceptable outcomes!!


Are you aware of how you use your energy, its power, and its consequences? The right use of electrical power in our house gives us a safe, stable and sustainable home - it is the same inside ourselves.  Knowing about the right use of our energy and its powerful effect on others is crucial, as it can mean grim occurrences in and around us, or a creative, safe and sustainable "home" inside and around us.  Learning about our energy and the accurate use of it has many benefits.

How do I recognise right energy


Familiar outcomes

Being aware, practiced and functional in the best use of our energy yields life enhancing results, such as - 

  • We feel as though we have a wellspring flow of energy moving through us that powers our daily living dynamically.

  • The balance in our energy flow produces good function through our body, mind and emotional patterns, and the energy essence(s) combine to produce wellness and ease.

  • Our stable flow produces an atmosphere around us that attracts creative energy responses, and repels that which we know at a core level we do not need to attract.


When we are unaware of, or choose to ignore, the best use of our energy, the consequences can be -

  • We waste, or do not access, the full depth and flow of our available energy and power

  • The absence, or excessive flow, of our energy produces poor balance and function through the various levels of the body, and, depending on the essence(s) of the particular energy, can lead to illness and disease

  • Imbalanced flow sets up an outer atmosphere that can attract low coarse level or hyper energy responses to us, and it repels that which we know at a core level we wish to attract.

It makes sense to be aware of and use our energy fittingly, as we then have accurate power that energises us and others, and it brings us life responses that reflect that our energetic choices.

Is there a Right Use of Power (RUoP) training?


Heart connected ethics

Yes, there is a worldwide grouping called the Right Use of Power Institute.  Many have found that the standard rules based ethics training is often not enough in these times of much change, yet we all deserve and have a right to proper care, safety and protection.  So how can clients and practitioners be informed about what they are working with, past the regulations of day.

Over many years, international Trainer & Teacher, Cedar Barstow, has drawn together a body of work and developed her unique approach to heart centred ethics training based in the right use of personal power and influence. It has been formalised into the Right Use of Power (RUoP) training backed by the Right Use of Power Institute.  The training draws attention to such things as - the wisdom in relationships, the power dynamics at play, being aware, and resolving difficulties before they escalate.

How long does RUoP training take?


Practice what we preach

From an ethical standpoint, any energy worker/practitioner needs to practice being a safe, sustainable and creative conveyor of energy between ourselves and our clients - that starts on the inside, in how we treat ourselves, what boundaries we have, what life awareness do we sustain.  As practitioners, we are responsible for the creation of the atmosphere and setting for our clients and if we are unaware or unprepared when coordinating the flow of energy in our work, we may allow circumstances or outcomes to occur that are not in the best interests of our clients.


The Right Use of Power training addresses and gives experiential exercises in the power circuitry present in creating the holistic flow between practitioner and client.  The training takes two days and comes with a certification of attainment, backed by the Right Use of Power Institute.  The actual practice of the right use of power is an ongoing process!

What is covered in the RUoP training?


Topics included in the training are -                                        

 •  Self Care                                              

 •  Listening For Understanding            •  Resolving Difficulties                          •  The Ladder Of Inference

 •  Boundaries                                      

 •  What Power Is & Power Spiral          •  Dual Role Relationships

 •  Feedback

 •  Transference & Counter transference  •  Confidentiality 

 •  Power Differential                             •  Supervision & Support

 •  Sexuality                                             •  Impact & Intention                           •  Ethical Decision Making

Why is RUoP training worth it?


A greater sense of value in us and our work

Sourced from the RUoP Institute's global experience, the training gives a clear understanding of power, what it is, and how to use it rightly - which leads to a greater sense of value and accomplishment.  Awareness of the power differential benefits the practitioner because it can ensure that one’s personal power is being used rightly and so track for and attend to difficulties as they come up.  The broader understanding of the difference between intention and impact enhances our sensitivity and enables us to make appropriate adjustments in processes where we can return to right relationship if and when an error is made. 

Powerful blessing and inspiration

There is huge potential in the right use of our power – we can be extraordinarily inspiring.  At some time in our life, we have all been wounded and hurt by the misuses and abuses of power by those we trusted.  There is a right way to use our energetic power - it is for responsible ways that bless, forgive, and empower rather than cause harm. We are more powerful than we are aware. The challenge in the right use of our power is knowing how to realize it, how to engage with our world and be engaging - it is an acquired experience. There is the need to be both inspirational and expirational - to know when to engage and when to disengage. Right use of power and influence is the use of one’s power to heal, protect, teach, bless, inspire and collaborate. It is the use of personal power to express compassion and kindness, and to be of worldly service by manifesting one’s purpose and gifts.  This level of integrity is the heart and soul of ethics. We serve in positions of trust, and when we have a felt sense of the impact of this power differential we have a solid foundation for the right use of it. Powerful energy is readily available - its transmission is learned.       

What is Meditating?


Sustaining your energy

Like a rainbow with its different colours, we have colourful energies coursing through us, each with their unique vibrational pattern and structure. How do all our energies stay aligned, balanced and focused in and through us as we negotiate the hurly burly of today's modern world?  What keeps our energy centered, flowing evenly, and being creatively used? Beside the gentle natural inner guidance process we were born with, which our western way of life regularly over-rides with its over demanding lifestyle treadmills, we usually require other interventions.

One ancient proven process, that can assist us in keeping focused and balanced, is called meditating - it is a form of personal energy management.  Simply put, it is the practice of allowing the emotional, mental and physical aspects of ourselves to relax and settle, and letting our inner wave systems (particularly the Alpha & Theta waves) inspire a recharging of our awareness, health and wellbeing.  There is more complexity to it than this, however the regular practice of meditating is a well established world-wide self care process that can be learned.  Taking time to meditate is a solid investment in our wellness.

The benefits of meditating are?


Many years of great outcomes

The many benefits of personal meditation have become more well known and quite popular over the last 30 years and its simplicity is very useful for dissolving or passing through interferences to our sustaining better energy reserves and practices.  The list opposite speaks for itself.


Easier than you think

Many, many people have avoided trying meditation because there have been lots of stories about how hard it is to do.  In fact, its simplicity often fools people into thinking there must be more to it - believing that, they actually make it harder for themselves. Others have been afraid of the unknown nature of what maybe found in taking this time out.  With an experienced meditation teacher/guide there is little to fear and more to look forward to as the primary purpose of meditating is the promoting of your health and wellbeing. There may be some little discomforts when first beginning, and these are all quite easy to explain.   

What is Attunement?


From technique to lifestyle

Today, people around the world are re-embracing natural health and wellness practices that follow on from learning and doing the likes of meditation, yoga, exercise programs, growing and eating organic food, etc.  Allied with it is the awareness of doing our energy work - a fast growing field, because we're seeing the value of an energy lifestyle.


Have you noticed that quite a variety of old and new energy work approaches, techniques, methods, procedures and processes are now available?  Attunement is a significant part of the growing energy work field with 80 years of immediate, albeit quiet, history.  It is best described as primarily a lifestyle of learning to live in harmony, balance and flow with the energy of the Universe, yet it has quite learnable energy processes and techniques too.

What does attunement look like?


Non-touch energy sharing

Describing the invisible energy process of attunement is challenging, so here are a selection of statements that may help open the way for understanding this unseen realm -

 •  As a technique, attunement can be described as the (primarily) non-touch sharing of energy currents that allow the natural alignment in our body, minds and emotions to that present in life itself. 

 •  Sharing a basic attunement is by consciously focusing energy currents between a practitioner and a

client, primarily through the practitioner's hands, holding an intent and space for allowing balance and alignment of natural flow to occur.

•  For one's self, attunement is a powerful healing art and a potent pathway to living a meaningful,

loving, and fulfilled life

•  The lifestyle practice of attunement deepens our connection to our source energy and purpose in life


•  The learning of the lifestyle of attunement provides life principles and experiences that open our hearts to deeper understanding of ourselves and other people, encouraging deeper compassion and forgiveness

•  Practitioners and teachers of attunement support other energy work approaches, such as Reiki, Johrei, Polarity Therapy, etc., that honours the presence of Being in a client, and may involve them to assist our client's experience

How is the attunement energy shared?


A brief description

Using the (primarily) non touch approach, and specifically developed methods and protocols, our practitioner's hands are held in turn over particular energy zones of the body, and we use our natural sensitivity to vibrationally connect our own energy with that of our client.  In the process, the natural free flow of energy vitalises physical, mental and emotional elements where needed in the receiver - usually taking 20 to 30 minutes.  The endocrine gland system, comprising the main seven ductless glands in the body, is given key emphasis in the attunement process as they are the primary energising centres in our bodies. Coordinating energy movement through the 7 outer invisible entry points (chakras) of the body is often used too. As required, the balancing of the energy flow through these portals, as well as body organs, body systems, energy meridians, etc., promotes our good health and wellbeing on very deep and fundamental levels.

Are there benefits to having attunements?


The lifestyle of wellbeing

Regular energy work using attunement processes have been reported to -

  • Promote wholesome relaxation, renewal and release of stress

  • Generate greater ease in managing demanding lifestyles

  • Nurture the Life transitions and changes, particularly around death

  • Encourage letting go more fully to the energy current of Life moving you

  • Empower a stronger sense of inner wellbeing and resilience

  • Assist the quality and pace of healing in our bodies

  • Create and maintain a clearer internal atmosphere

  • Access new potentials and possibilities in people's lives

  • Open deeper awareness and understanding of life circumstances

  • Balance in mental, emotional and physical expression 

How does attunement work as a lifestyle?


Soul connected living

The intentional living of attunement, as a lifestyle choice, evokes an expanded awareness and connection to the energy of all that is.  Some would say it is a personal spiritual pathway, without necessarily needing a formal group or religion, to be at one with life.  The consistent practice of the processes of attunement generates powerful creative essences that can work as guides for more vibrant soul connected living.  Utilising these essences on a daily basis prompts the lifting out of old habitual thinking, feeling and actions that no longer serve, and enables more powerful living - to be all that one can.

What is attunement energy flow?


Similar to technology

There are already technological devices that do similar things with energy or invisible waves as is dne in an attunement.  We only need look at the way TV, radio, mobile phones, satellite communications, computer internets, etc., work.  They generate, send, and receive energy waves of different sorts and are able to bring them together as audio and visual media such as live pictures, music, sounds, and voices from around the world.  It really is nothing new.


The technology has always been present in human beings, but mostly forgotten - and it is actually more sophisticated than our mechanical toys when understood and worked with.  Our whole bodies are unique in being able to send and receive energy, as well as use it creatively and powerfully through the expression of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions.


While our energy flows through the unaware or subconscious levels of us, our choice to tune in and consciously use it is mostly taken for granted.  When we turn the energy to uses not natural or harmonious to ourselves, we create something like static and it shows up in us as effects like ill feeling, poor health, rampant or repressed emotions, chaotic behaviours, excess stress, emptiness, confusion, hatred, discomfort, lack of direction, etc.  Tuning in to our energy, refining its flow and use, in alignment to that which is natural and balanced in us, begins the process of eliminating static and its effects.  It is like staying on channel in a radio or TV - we get the best results!

Can I learn to do an energy attunement?


Willing persistence

Everyone has energy in them and we have varying experiences of it moving through us, so the possibility to learn to do energy attunement is there.  As with anything new, such as learning to ride a bike, it is useful to "give it a go" to find out.  People's sensitivity to energy and its flow differs, so persistence can be useful - and it will not be everyone's passion to do this work. Once a person has experienced an attunement or two and it is clear they want to proceed with learning it, there are a number of useful steps they can take - one of those steps is the Introduction to Attunement, or if there is a background in energy work, the Learning Attunement would be valuable.   Should you be completely new to the field of energy and attunement, you can trial it by simply taking advantage of our complimentary first Exploratory Energy Consult session.  

What if I want to do it all?


Practice and teach

To explore more than experiencing an energy attunement, such as learning, or practicing or teaching it, look over our learning options or contact LifeSpirit for the opportunity to discuss it further.

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