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Wellbeing Options / Assisted Healing / Relationship Care / Career & Family Health / Money /​ Balance / Depression, Anxiety & Fear.....


Tailor made

LifeSpirit energy balancing services can be tailored to fit your needs - call our number above to discuss options that work for you.


Non-Touch Energy Services

Exploratory Energy Consult (EEC) -
A first contact consultation only - find out more about energy work, ask clarifying questions, try the energy process, etc.  This session can be up to 60 minutes in person, by telephone, or by Zoom/Skype -


Energy Balance Introduction (EBI) -

A 2 to 2½ hr service including an energy review and non-touch energy work/attunement for harmonising and aligning the body’s main glands & energy/power centres. It promotes mind awareness clearing, intuition building, calming, relaxation, centering and healing - NOTE: This service has a money back guarantee if it does not meet agreed expectations.


Energy Balance Builder (EBB) -

A series of four ½ hr non-touch energy work/attunement sessions to be used across 4 weeks (more or less depending on need) and is a follow on from the EBI above.  It stimulates energy consolidation at the cellular level, wellness building, stress release, rebalancing, alignment, and encourages healing - 


Health & Wellness Support (HWS) -

A minimum ½ hr service for maintaining energy reserves, building resilience in personal health care, body repairing, supporting pre/post medical & surgical interventions, energy strengthening for health rectification; pregnancy wellness, life threatening illness support, etc. This service uses a variety of energy work/attunement treatments (see FAQs) -

$40.00/½hr or



Touch Based Energy Services

Living Oils Bodywork (LOB) - 
A 1 hour feet/back/spine light bodywork service using selected, client specific, high quality therapeutic Young Living essential oils to support and enhance energy centres. Excellent for winter resilience building and cleansing - 


Intuitive Energy Bodywork (IEB) -
A 1 hour bodywork service, including light massage energy balance, for relaxing, calming and harmonising the body energy centres. It encourages physical, mental and emotional clearing and healing -



Other Energy Services

Energy Now Reading (ENR) - 

Your energy now reading uses a variety of energy/angel cards and other energy indicator tools, as a non-predictive reading to give you insight into what energies you are working with right now - 

$40.00/½hr or



Financial Policy - LifeSpirit recognises life circumstances are not the same for everyone. While we maintain fair and reasonable set charges for sevices, programs, courses and products, we can be flexible in cases of hardship, pensions, disability, etc.  This is not encouragement to barter down.  Due and caring consideration is given where warranted - some tradeable forms of payment may be considered acceptable.

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