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Toolbox of tried & tested tools

Today, you can find many approaches to learning about energy - it has a lifetime of lessons to reveal.  All approaches have their value and place in how each of us might best embrace this most often unseen or invisible field. Some tools and techniques work better for some than others, and it may take some perseverence to find which one, or combinations, suit our particular talents (see FAQs).  Like finding good new foods, in energy work we do that best by trying and/or experimenting too.  Of course, step by step care for ourselves should be exercised as we do.  LifeSpirit's courses and programs are designed to create a safe, open, fun, creative and multi-sensory atmosphere in which to learn. Here are a selection from our toolbox to consider - 




Experiential learning

There is an organised process to energy work/attunement. As with life, there are many aspects

about the energy flow to learn, that the mind may not understand, because it does not necessarily conform to traditional rational thinking, yet there are plenty of creative mind elements to engage it, as well as all the body senses, the emotions, and the intuition. The best degree to help anyone in energy work is the experiential degree of commonsense.

Meditating - learning, practising, using


Personal Energy Managing - what is working & what is not


Giving & Receiving Attunements - practising for beginners, practitioners & teachers


Right Using of Energy & Power - developing personal or professional awareness in our codes of practice 


The Art of Energetic Living - using creative lifestyle energy principles


Dowsing for Beginners - growing your personal energy awareness


Energising Personality Awareness - learning how & why character's work


Life Energy Valuing - discovering your life values & how they sustain you?


Understanding & Working with Children's Energy - the changing new energy patterns


Pet Energy Caring - elementary animal energy balancing work


Laughing for Life - group fun and energy building processes


Discovering Your Sensitivity - experimenting with your energies


Personally Tailored Energy Learning - individual energy coaching packaged to suit your needs


Additional energy awareness options

Over the past decade, the growing awareness of energy work across the planet has become more tangible as greater numbers of books are being written about the subject, more learning programs are becoming available, more treatment modalities are offered, more people are using it as a viable health, wellbeing and healing approach, and science is finding more ways to offer proofs that the invisible realm of energy vibration can be engaged with, and used effectively.


In addition to the above mentioned learning opportunities, LifeSpirit offers -

Inspiring and experienced energy wellness speakers


Energy wellness coaching and mentoring


Energy based leadership development


Retreats for building and managing your energy


LifeSpirit Energy e-newsletter/blog & e-quotes


Energy oils awareness for growing and maintaining wellbeing


Tele-Skype options for individual course presentation, coaching and mentoring



Contact LifeSpirit now to find out about more opportunities to share the energy awareness.

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