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Welcome!!!  The opportunity to share an enlivening passion for energy awareness is always worth an uplifting word or two, a laugh or two, a meaningful song or two, an expansive sound or two, an artful poem or two, an energetic picture or two, a heartfelt tear or two, a personal story or two, and a breaking open experience or two.   Your authentic participation is much appreciated!


Today, there are so many ways to be a part of the amazing creative growth in the all encompassing energy of Life and our understanding of exactly who we are and why we are here.  These pages are meant for adding to the energy - that can ignite a spark, light the way, hold steady in chaos, heal a heart, empower the vulnerable, settle a fear, or join up like-energied ones - in fanning the flame of our love vibration into a consistently balanced fire for living fully.

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November 14, 2016

On Sunday December 11 the first of our 14 days, over 14 months, walking of the living pathway of Life Energy Attunement begins.  The program builds the commonsense development of your energy awareness, understanding and experience. Do you know how your energy barometer...

November 4, 2015

LIFE - ALERT.....hello, Jonathan, are you listening....do you know where you are at in the creative stages of things....hhmmm? Are you then making aware choices....and then doing what is needed? No?  Owwwww.....that's going to hurt!  ME - Huh!?!?  Surely I ca...

October 15, 2015


Does my mind really know the difference between what is for my greater good, or does it let fanciful or unaware things take root in my energy system's ground - am I letting weeds seed?  There can be significant consequences if I am!!


Early in my life, I certainly...

September 30, 2015

Finding it tough right now? At times, have things become an unbearable weight upon your shoulders, or is there a feeling like there's a tightening noose around your neck? Nothing is going right? Having trouble sleeping, or doing the basics around home or at work, or ea...

September 10, 2015

Welcome to one simplistic view of the infinite field of energy from my perspective.  I've found, through many uncomfortable experiences and some very enjoyable ones too,  that seeing (and doing) from some different vantage points can be very freeing and energising....

August 28, 2015

My (passion for) energy work started long before my conscious mind actually knew what was going on.  Could that be the same for you, and you don't know it yet, or perhaps you are just waking up to it?


For example, I have micro remembering moments of spontaneously...

August 22, 2015

Take it from me, when it comes to experiencing the world of (personal) energy, be prepared to be joyful and confused, mind-boggled and inspired, baffled and awareness jogged, lost and found, awed and skeptical, uplifted and stunned, knowing and ignorant, and the list c...

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September 30, 2015

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Grateful Support

"I feel privileged to be part of the friends to help you on your quest to share your "Energy Work" passion with the world. It takes a lot of  love and concern to share this passion with people in our surrounding world and I know you possess these attributes.


I also know you as a natural care giver, helping people to find the truth of themselves, to blossom with life. As an attunement practitioner I have accompanied people, as I know you have, to find their true identity as human beings on this planet. I feel thrilled to know that you will be embarking on this wonderful adventure and wish you and your associates all the best for the future.  One with You."
Michel Vaillancourt -
Attunement Practitioner - 
Quebec, Canada - 2020

"Hi Jonathon,  I wish you well in your business, and offer this to those who come.


Be open to the wonders that you can experience from Energy Work. The warmth felt within surpasses all that you know; the healing is the beginning. Allow yourself to be open and receive what is yours."

Kaye K. - Reiki Practitioner & Teacher - Aldinga Beach, South Australia, Australia - 2020

"Dear Jonathan, I am writing to thank you for your Attunement and aroma-oils energy healing sessions.  Your unique empathic, compassionate and spiritual insights have always assisted me to open to deeper possibilities I was previously unaware of.


Your assisted healing has proven beneficial on multi dimensional levels. I have left your sessions feeling deeply relaxed and nurtured  on all levels. I've felt energised and able to embrace my life challenges feeling strong and renewed emotionally, mentally and physically.


In particular, the session you did for me when I had hurt my ankle - by the end of the session the pain was improved and my ankle healed very quickly.


You are a multi-dimensional and gifted healing presence and I highly recommend you and your energy work to all who seek it.

In deep gratitude -"

Maxine S - Hallett Cove, South Australia, Australia - 2020

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