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The right goods or gift

LifeSpirit has a modest range of products for your energy wellbeing.  Let us know if there are goods or items you'd like us to add to our collection and we'll certainly consider the possibility.  Not all goods and items are necessarily listed here, so check with us if unsure. Go to our product price page to browse.

Gift vouchers

Do you want to give an energetic gift to the one(s) you love or wish to show appreciation or thanks to today? LifeSpirit has vouchers redeemable for all its services, goods and items.  We can tastefully package and send our vouchers direct to whom ever you wish.  It can be a unique and

meaningful present to your loved one, friend, family member,

business colleague or whom ever else you wish to show your

gratitude or thankfuness.

You can purchase our vouchers on-line, or via telephone, or call in to our business reception,

or you can email us.  We can tailor our vouchers to match the situation, circumstance, or need

you have.  Vouchers can be ordered by specific amount, or by selecting services or products.

There is a standard 3 month expiry date on our vouchers, so please be thoughtful about the time frame in which they are to be used.  We can, by consultation and agreement at the time of purchase, reasonably extend the use by date.

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