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When two open hearts can be better than one

One of the great ways to shift our perspective can come from seeing through the eyes of another.  It may be their simply captured hard-won real-eyes-ations in their life that provides us with just the viewing angle that allows our thinking to loosen up, or our bruised hearts to shift along, or our perceptions to change a little.  Or, it could be a moment's light-hearted prod of our ego that has us laughing at ourselves and knowing that our seriousness can be a big insulator in what opens the way to newness in us, or for drawing up our humility, or even cracking through our hardened places.


These Inspiring Moments pages are intended to be a panorama of perspectives for igniting a new space for energy to move in us......from our heart-poundingly pithy learning experiences to the heart-joggingly jocular laughing that breaks our grip on what we think is reality.....enjoy the worldly view.....

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