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What is Personal Energy Management (PEM)?


Awareness of personal energy

A very good place to start is to ask how are you handling your personal energy?  Most people take their personal energy as a given - it is always there, so why even think about it?  In these days of change, challenge, and opportunity, there are a lot of VERY GOOD reasons (see below) to consider your energy management, as it is so easy to fritter it away or not have enough energy for what you need to do.  Building your energy awareness is is the first step.


Do you notice what happens to your energy when you eat your foods, or drink your beverages, go to work, have time with your partner, engage in exercise, or veg in front of the TV?  Many people don't realise that this where the leaching or using up of our energy begins.




Living & Learning / Right Person & Right Time / Safe Space / Network Strength / 

Creative Variety / Compassionate Listening.....


Care that makes a difference

When deciding on a course or pathway to improve aspects of our wellbeing, the choices are many.

LifeSpirit is keen to provide the best fitting combination of mentor and program, so that the whole

package is a powerful one for you.  Perhaps the most important step is to sit down with the us and

work through what is needed, giving due care to what will make the difference for you. The FAQ's

provided here may give you more insight into what our packages are about - 

Are there good reasons to do PEM?


Better to experience it 

Here are some common responses to the benefits of better managing our energy practices -   

  • It builds resilience and resistance in our inner systems (nervous, lymph, circulatory, etc)

  • Gives us the energy to handle stressful situations

  • Empowers us to better express ourselves emotionally

  • Raises the vibrant nature of who we are

  • Improves our compassion in maintaining close relationships

  • Enables us to work better in demanding jobs

  • Lifts our stamina in playing energetic sports

  • Grows our conscious ability to engage in what ever we’re doing

  • Clarifies and focuses our intent in what we  feel, think, say and do 

How does PEM work? 


Responding to our energy needs

We know our physical body needs food, and there are consequences when it doesn't receive its proper nourishment. It is similar with our energy - our mind, body and emotions need good energy to run on.  We can ignore this need and hope that the natural energy regeneration process is adequate, even though we might be using and abusing its levels of tolerance continuously.  Since this is not a taught part of our living, we usually have developed poor habits in maintaining and building our energy.  PEM is a clear way to set about changing that.


We can build step by step energy practice commitments into our daily living.  It can be a little uncomfortable changing old habits, yet the benefits to us in having better quality of thinking, feeling, moving around, talking, working, sleeping and doing what ever needs to be done, is worth it!


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