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Checking in on your energy

Have you ever done this before?  It is always a great time to start.  Here is one way  to do it.  Take a

moment - ask yourself, where is the balance of your personal energy generation and use at?  Are

you really doing all that you need to do......or perhaps you are doing too much?  Are your inner

batteries working to full capacity, or are they constantly low, over worked, or totally amped up?

Do you just need to fine tune your powering up?  Or, do you know deep down that you need a full

overhaul? If you've said yes to any of these questions, then it is time to give yourself the gift of an

experience of the energy balancing process in you.

Energy balancing and alignment work benefits you across the board - whether you are a sports person, desk worker, fulltime parent, home keeper, child, Chief Executive, or someone experiencing ill health, a down day, anxiety, or burn out.  Like batteries in a torch, when our energy is low or out of balance, nothing else will make the light shine any brighter, except proper recharging and re-energising! The regenerating of our energy process is mostly taken for granted, rarely understood, and in fact needs consistent work to maintain.

What is energy?


Keeping it simple

In very simple terms, it is the powerful vibration that exists at the centre of everything, animating it all in different and unique ways, including us.  It is the same energy that holds and moves our incredible cosmos, the suns, stars, planets, and the very atoms of all matter, including our own bodies - now that is a mind boggling sense to take in!

Energy is known by many other names, some of which are Life Force, Universal Energy, Chi, Prana, Kundalini, Ki, Spirit, etc., and is often symbolised by a flame.  Every culture recognises its existence, yet it still remains largely a "no go" zone, or woo woo, or too mystical to understand.  The presence of vibration, of energy, is primary to existence as without it there is no animating force or life - there would be a total absence, a nothingness, like a vaccuum.

How do I know if I'm energy sensitive?


Cluster indicator check

All human beings have a level of sensitivity to energy, and it can vary markedly from person to person.  The list of 22 questions below is not definitive, yet answering positively to many of them can give good clue to our unique energy patterns of being an energy sensitive. To discuss any aspects of this further, call us now.  

  • Do you need to wear mostly natural products such as wool, leather, cotton, etc and find that synthetics over heat or irritate you?

  • Are places like supermarkets, large crowds, cinemas and busy stores draining to you and you need time to recover your energy?

  • You can walk into a room of people and automatically sense what is going on before anyone tells you?

  • Can heavy music and dissonant noise drag you down, where as other music really lifts you up?

  • Are babies or young children often inexplicably drawn to you, or your presence can immediately set them off crying?

  • Do you call on or telephone friends, family and loved ones just as they really need you or were thinking of you or vica verca?

  • You understand what is going on below the surface of emotional situations without trying?

  • When you are around fearful or anxious people, they can either be draw to you, or feel uncomfortable in your presence?

  • In relationships, do you over-give, or tend toward pleasing or saving your partner's feelings?

  • Are pets or animals easily drawn to you, or do you quickly sense their fear or they sense yours?

  • Do you find it really uncomfortable or hard to do things that are not connected to your passion and what you love?

  • Can extremes of other peoples emotions and behaviours drain you?

  • Are you somehow able to look easily at the really big picture, as well the small details in seeing situations for what they are?

  • Do you find it easy to talk very openly and frankly, especially about your feelings, when you feel safe, and be unresponsive and reclusive when not?

  • Are you highly sensitive to the moods of others?

  • Do people like talking or confiding in you because it makes them feel better?

  • Does it seem like there's just too much pain and suffering in the world and you feel it?

  • Can you have trouble concentrating when a lot of people or stimuli are around, yet you can focus well on your own?

  • Are you able to empathetically listen to other people's heavy burdens and still stay open yourself?

  • Do you struggle to make and hold boundaries because you deeply feel the disappointment, anger and grief of others affecting you?

  • You take on other people's traits quite quickly, even accents and mannerisms, without even thinking?

  • People ask your advice about their circumstances, even though you don't know them very well?

What is energy balancing?


Let go & energise

The principle of energy balance work is to take self care time, to let go, and allow the natural energising of our inner wellbeing and health to occur.  And, where necessary, to use an experienced partner as a space holder to stay on target and in tune.


It is about building a consistent and robust inner reserve and flow of our energy.

This is our energy for lighting up and using the uniquenesses in us, and sharing all that with the world.  The presence of our balanced energy is reflected through our wellbeing, health, prosperity and performance. It is good to remember though, that comparing one's self, and particularly our energy to another is not in our best interests!

How do I understand about energy?


Trust your experience

Understanding the nature of the invisible world of energy can be fraught with pitfalls, as the traditional (mind based) proof processes don't necessarily work well, being akin to trying to chase the wind or work out what is at the centre of the sun, to find answers.  Like the oceans or the weather, energy does not always conform to mind-made logic or rationality! AND, there are principles and guidelines to underpin anyone's venturing into this field.

One very important approach is to listen to and trust one's deep personal experience first. To do that often requires putting aside fears, beliefs and judgements to let it occur. A best test question to ask our self in energy work is, "Does this experience or understanding ring true and clear in the furtherest corners of me?" Remember under no circumstances should what you do require you to give away your power, put yourself in mortal danger, or to feel coerced.  Healthy scepticism is useful!

What can I do to better use my energy?


Grow your awareness

Using our energy needs little explanation really, as we have been doing it before we were even born. It powers and animates all of our abilities to intuit, think, feel, say, and creatively do what is needed in our daily living.  However, we can easily develop poor energy use habits without necessarily knowing it is happening, or that it is having an adverse affect upon us. Energy powers our creation through to passing away - growing and dying.  Look at our seasons for example, where we see the new shoots appear in spring, and in autumn we see the leaves falling away.  Imagine if there was only the falling away energy - what would we have?  There are much subtler awarenesses about how and what we use our energy for and on that one needs to be wise in.  There are best practices that keep us healthy, prosperous and creative, just as there are other practices that promote illness, degeneration and decline.  

Why bother doing energy balancing?


Being all that we are

Knowing ourselves well - our strengths and weaknesses - we can consciously

use the flow of our energy to creatively animate and move us.  How we do that

is what makes our lives richer or poorer - it becomes the art of living in balance

and alignment with this Life Force. It prompts us to be all that we are. 

When we are out of balance, we find our lives immersed in such things as chaos, confusion, loneliness, feelings of loss and grief, lethargy, stuckness, anxiety, and emptiness, to name a few - often feeling like there's no way out.  This lowers our energy vibration and can open us up to illnesses, making more poor life choices, developing lots of attention seeking behaviours and destructive habits, looking for outside fixes, and we suffer.


In balance, there is a strong sense of calm, stillness, focus, direction, being loved, flow, fullness and being prosperous. A good feeling of being able to handle all that comes - the highs, the lows - is present. Moments of insight and passion for being on purpose put in an appearance.  We are creatively living and often inspiring others to do the same.


It is not difficult to see which choices make for a healthy and prosperous life for us, does it?

Are there primary things to know?


Yes, absolutely!!

There are lots and lots of complexities to energy work, yet there are some simple understandings that can help enormously with our energy balancing process.  Here are three to muse on - they are well worth experiencing, knowing and living by.

  1. Our personal energy centre is absolutely stable and powerful, and is where our central focus of awareness best resides and is most radiant.

  2. There is a clear, creative, life process for generating, using and expressing our energy - when consciously known and aligned with, we live vibrant lives.

  3. What ever energy we knowingly or unknowingly put out, comes back to us multiplied.   

Why use essential oils?


Holding the energy balance

As we work with imbalances in our energy field and bodies, there are plenty of times where our bodies need a clear reminder of what energy tone(s) or note(s) it needs for its balanced wellbeing.  Science has detected that each part of our body has its own (measurable) natural oscillating energy voltage, and so too do carefully produced high quality pure essential oils. Once an energy balancing session with a practitioner is completed, then matching the appropriate body point's healthful vibration with that of carefully selected oil(s), will help sustain that person's vibrational balance and wellbeing long after the session is done.

Is an energy reading different to tarot?


Here and now

The art of checking in to one's energy right now is rather different to doing predictive readings, such as tarot.  The object of an energy reading is to raise awareness of what energies are influencing you in your inner and outer circumstances.  We are all energy sensitive to some degree or another, and there are times when what we think is a personal issue is in fact a much larger energy process playing out that is affecting us.  For example, it is common knowledge that significant sun spots or solar flares, eclipses and full moons have a variety of energetic affects upon us. Likewise, people who are unknowingly sensitive may have symptoms of a malady that a distant loved one is suffering and not know it, or another could be feeling inexplicable grief from something that is surfacing from a personal experience a long way back in their lives.  When our inner and/or outer issues do not make sense to our minds, it often compounds the fear we feel in how we deal with the unknown - remember, there is much more to the energy process than ever meets the eye.

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