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Building Energy / Assisted Healing / Relationships / Career & Family Health / Money​ / Balance / Depression, Anxiety & Fear.....

Feeling low?

Without full energy, our equipment of mind, body and emotions does not function at its full capacity. For example, when a simple torch is not shining at its best, we usually know it is more likely low in battery power.  It is also so with us, although people more commonly think that there must be something wrong with their equipment first (a body or mind or emotional problem), rather than beginning with checking what is going on in their energy. LifeSpirit offers you the opportunity of checking into your energy process up front, which can then be connected to why you are "not feeling so bright".  You may be healthily suprised at the difference it makes! 

Non-touch energy balance

The core of the energy work process referred to in these pages will often be called attunement - it is the ability for us to tune into and be aligned with Life, similar to the balanced alignment that is present in the vastness of the universe and at the microcosmic core of all matter. There is a specificity to the way life works - just as we recognise and accept that it takes around 9 months, in an orderly cycle, for a baby to be created and born, and so it is with doing our energy work. There is a wonderfully organised framework we can know in which it happens - miraculously, this can occur without necessarily needing to touch - remember, the sun's rays have been doing this with us since time began.


What to expect

The experience of energy flow and balancing can vary from person to person. Where consciously receiving energy for the first time, one might having little inkling of anything happening at all, to another it could be feeling heat or tingling, or for another it may be experiencing a sense of total relaxation and peacefulness enveloping them.  The key point is more that we allow such flow to happen and recognise the mind may not always know what is actually happening - enjoy the experience.

"Jonathan's skill and ease as a practitioner and fellow human being have never failed to assist me in restoring inner calm and the feeling that everything is going to be okay. I have learned much about joy, how to be at peace in the face of intense challenges, and trusting my own inner knowing through my experiences with him over many years." Reverend Jean Berman - Peaks Island, Maine, USA - 2020

Good performance!

Refining our lifestyle to sustain overall energetic wellbeing means checking into the balance of how we are using our energy.  Being unaware of stuck or over used elements in our lives, such as a poor home location, an unsatisfying job choice, relationship tensions, poor dietary habits, money issues, general anxiety, illness concerns, or inexplicable bad luck can be some of the indicators of a need to refine and rebalance our energy reserves.  LifeSpirit can partner with you in moving toward good energy performance in your life.

Grateful support...
Beneficial outcomes

These are some of the statements that people have volunteered after experiencing energy work for the first few times -

  • It is not the technique that makes the difference - I am the energy, the attunement

  • I feel relaxed and refreshed, like a breath of fresh air

  • I don't have to be free from my circumstances, I can be free in them

  • Letting love radiate with out concern for results

  • The energy balancing gave me a sense of greater connection to the All That Is and my concerns melted away

  • My stress and tensions seemed to dissolve and I felt much lighter

  • I realise it is about me caring for myself regularly

  • I felt like I'd come home to something in myself that I'd forgotten about completely

  • The sense of deep peace was tangible in me

  • I could feel my presence more tangibly than ever before

  • A warm glow seemed to permeate my body and I felt very rested

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