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Value for money

Like the first drawing of a proud child, the value is really all in the energy of what is being offered,

and it is often priceless even though it may have been done on a scrap of paper. LifeSpirit's intent is

to offer you a range of goods and products which we think are all priceless in warming the hearts of

those receiving them, yet may vary in price according to the sources and their mode of creation.  They

will all be relevant to generating prosperous energy though, so enjoy browsing.....


(Please Note - Unless otherwise stipulated, all prices shown are inclusive of GST)

Oil Vaporiser


Ultrasonic Vaporiser........................  $99.95

The Ultrasonic Vaporiser doubles as an Air Purifier, Ioniser, Aroma Diffuser and Night Lamp. No heating element is used - the ultrasonic water wave technology works on vibrating the water at such a high speed that it creates cool water vapour which is dispersed into the atmosphere, adding moisture to the environment. The whole unit stays cool to touch and the vapours are cool so it is quite safe.

Oil Diffuser

Mini Ultransmit

Mini Ultransmit...............................  $79.95
The new 'Mini' Ultransmit Aroma Diffuser features a multi-coloured lighting effect and is multi-functional, acting as an Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier, Air Purifier, Ioniser and Night Lamp.


This 'mini' unit operates for 2-3 hours, automatically switches off when empty and is a great atmosphere creator to any room in your home or office.

Energy Book

By Ronald Polack

Your Incredible Energy Field.........  $21.00 

Are you interested in opening up your understanding of how you can clarify unhealthy attitudes and ways of thinking?


"...Ronald Polack presents his approach to healing in a personable and lucid fashion. This book offers a clear-cut account of a unique way of working intuitively with energy fields."  Steven M. Rosen Emeritus Professor of Psychology, City University, New York, USA 

Young Living Essential Oils

Retail Price List -

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Full Range..............................................  $$$$
There are many oils in the comprehensive Young Living Essential Oil collection - from individual essences to amazing blends.  There are personal beauty and health care products and all containing these life affirming oils.


For further help with what may suit your needs, please call now.  

Gift Vouchers

For Prosperous Energy

LifeSpirit Services

Fees For Energy Work

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An Energising Gift...........................  $$$$

Feel like sharing your good vibrations around today?  Choose which ever gifts, products or services are appropriate from our pages, or just fill in an amount and go to our store and complete the gift voucher there according to your selection.


And, we'll help you make sure it gets to where ever you need it to go, looking like the treasure it is.  

Energy For You...........................  $$$$

The buttons above are shortcuts to our fees and we're only a phone call away should you wish to discuss a tailor-made program with us. 

Financial Policy - LifeSpirit recognises life circumstances are not the same for everyone. While we maintain fair and reasonable set charges for sevices, programs, courses and products, we can be flexible in cases of hardship, pensions, disability, etc.  This is not encouragement to barter down.  Due and caring consideration is given where warranted - some tradeable forms of payment may be considered acceptable.

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