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Better understanding

Because energy work is intimately involved with the invisible or unseen realms of life in and around us, there is only a certain amount of theory that is helpful.  At the end of the day it is our awareness, through all our senses (including intuition), that gives us the most knowing of what energy really is.  For example, how does our energy flow relate in our thinking, feeling and doing, and then into our daily living?  We need to find tangible ways of connection with it. Taking the time to exercise our sensitivities, with like-inspired others, can lead to new worlds opening up in our experience and often the answers to why some things have happened to us, or others, can come to light.  A good way to give ourselves the 

opportunity to explore our relationship with energy is to do a course, program or seminar. Here are a selection of programs and learning paths LifeSpirit has to offer - 

Experiential Energy Services
Intro to - Energising

Introduction - This 4hr session is focused on the primary basics of learning the giving and receiving of energy in Attunement. We introduce the main foundations of attunement energy practice and we explore and work with practical energy flow experiences. We demonstrate the key steps in giving an attunement and give you guided practice in doing it as well. Ring us to check dates and times for the next session.

  • Introductory session - 4hrs -                                              $125.00/person

Learners -
Energising Attunement

Learning Attunement - The art of sharing energy is a two way street and it takes time to become familiar with one's own energy process, in particular developing our resilience. Coming to terms with what inhibits and what encourages our vibrational flow, how to stay in alignment and balance and how best we can share that with another is what this program is about. For more information about this series, ring us now

  • Learning Attunement - 7 days, spread over 1 year - TBA

Practitioners - Energising Attunement

Practicing Attunement - To consistently use this approach in your energy work and offer it publicly is a creative step in making the best use of your power. The process follows directly on from the learners program (a pre- requisite) and is quite an offering of service into the world.  It is a knowing commitment for energy self-care and setting an example to clients as you live the lifestyle. Enquire about dates & times here

  • Practicing Attunement - 7 days, spread over 1 year - TBA

Teachers -
Energising Attunement

Teaching Attunement - Once our energy work practicing has reached a level of living the lifestyle of energy/attunement, there can be a natural progression toward helping others learn it too.  There are various levels of how it can be done and deciding what that is needs some mentorship and a range of training that will be different from person to person. Write or telephone us now to discuss your needs.

  • Teaching Attunement - tailored to individual needs - by negotiation

Right Using
of Energy

Right Use of Energy (RUoE) - In conjunction with the international Right Use of Power Institute program, this workshop explores our boundaries around being treated with proper care and protection in all aspects of our life, whether at work or at home.  It develops our awareness around power differentials, due support, ethical decision making, and much more. To set up better balance and safety in your use of energy, call us now.

  • RUoE - 2 days - TBA

Art of Energetic Living

Art of Energetic Living - There is an invisible yet learnable structure and process to producing life energy and it needs wisdom to use it creatively. This series gives practical experiences in applying these principals and shows their impact on your life and those around you.  Each of us is an original and unique human being, and learning to channel that into the way we live is a challenge and an adventure - check dates & times now.

  • Art of Energetic Living - 7 days, spread over 1 year - TBA

Dowsing for Beginners

Dowsing for Beginners - What often looks like magic, or hocus pocus, or a party trick, is actually the wholeness of us, including our invisible energy, coming through to assist us along our path in different ways. When our minds get out the way, the art of dowsing through pendulum or rod(s) is an excellent tool for self discovery and making better choices - it has been in valuable use for centuries! To know more call us now.

  • ​Dowsing for Beginners - 1 day - TBA

Energising Personalities

Energising Personalities - Life has patterns and processes that influence us and they are a part of our very make up. The great sages of the past have observed this and created various personality systems that are still in use today in the various character profiling programs psychologists use. When we understand simple yet revealing elements of these patterns, we can better energise ourselves and work with others. Want more details?

  • Energising Personalities - 1 day - TBA

Life Energy Valuing

Life Energy Valuing - Knowing the core elements of our energy makeup can change our lives, yet it is a little explored area in our personal lives and rarely talked about. They are our own core values and when understood and acted upon, they are the energy that drives and impacts our lives. For example, what are 3 of your most heartfelt values and how do they look in day to day action? Low self esteem is a killer of these. Talk with us now.

  • Life Energy Valuing - 1 day - TBA

Growing Energy Children

Growing Energy Children - What do you understand and know about the energy wiring of your children (or yourself)? It is a field taken for granted, generalised, or ignored, yet the impact of not knowing the invisible why and wherefore can create angst, disharmony and labelling that can result in much shame, guilt and fear to the child - illness can follow. Sensitivites need to be understood and cared for to grow creatively. Enquire now.

  • Growing Energy Children - 1 day - TBA

Pet Energy Caring

Pet Energy Caring - If pets could verbalise themselves, we would likely be shocked at what they'd say, as they are energy sensitive and do pick up on our energy and atmosphere! Their health and wellbeing would benefit a good deal by more focused attention on how their energetic make up does work.  This program helps you to take several steps toward better care for your loved pet by nurturing their energy.  Want to know more?

  • Pet Energy Caring - 1 day - TBA

Laughing for Life

Laughing for Life - It is scientific fact that laughter produces endorphins in us that enliven our body, mind and heart. A good belly laugh is often referred to as internal jogging and there are now lots of stories of how it has helping people's healing around the world. Lightening up through pro active laughing is like creating our own rainbow energy effect - it brings more than a smile to our faces! Check for the next sessions now.

  • Laughing for Life - 2 x 4 hours - TBA 

Discovering Your Sensitivity

Discovering Your Sensitivity - More people are realising their make up is not quite what they thought it was - they're aware they have sensitivities that are perhaps hidden, shied away from, or that they're scared by. When not explored and worked with, these sensitive aspects can end up being debilitating, rather than the gifts they could be.  Is it time to safely check out what these energies and sensitivities could be? Enquire now.

  • Discovering Your Sensitivity - 1 day - TBA

Energy Learning - Tailored

Energy Learning - Tailored - There is much to experience in building our energy awareness and strength.  Not all of it is comfortable, yet having opportunity to take our first steps in a safe and supportive environment is often crucial to the development of our health and wellbeing. LifeSpirit can co-create tailor-made experiences that help you to walk through the learning process you need, with confidence. Call us now.

  • Energy Learning - Tailored - by negotiation

Additional Energy Educating Services

Energy Wellness Speakers - Energy work awareness is growing at an amazing pace globally as there are now inroads being made in science to give more credit to this unseen world, than was possible before. LifeSpirit is at the forefront of this wave of growth and has a variety of interesting, fun and useful perspectives it can bring to presenting energy work to all kinds of audiences.  Talk with us now about energising your event.

  • Energy Wellness Speakers - fees vary according to group size, etc. 

Energy Coaching & Mentoring

Energy Coaching & Mentoring - Monitoring and assessing our energy and its performance can be enhanced with coaching and mentoring.  There are many nuances around what adds to and what drains our energy, and then planning how that can be best worked with.  Call us for a chat, email, or make an appointment for a complimentary first 30 minute exploration to see whether you can benefit from assitance with building your energy.

  • Energy Coaching & Mentoring -                                                $80.00/hr

Developing Energising

Developing Energising Leadership - Prosperous energy work principles point to unique leadership mixes that are different for every person, and provide effective ways of drawing or inspiring others forward. These ways are applicable to use around the home, in sport, in groups, or with friends and loved ones. Energising leadership knows that inspiration comes from an endless multitude of actions, yet only a few energies. Find out more?

  • Developing Energising Leadership - 1 day -                               $290.00  

Naturally Energising

Naturally Energising Retreats - There is amazing energy available for revitalising and refreshing us in nature's surrounds, where connection to energy can be more specific and accessible. LifeSpirit can collaborate with you in creating packages for individuals, groups, teams and families to tune into their and nature's energies and reinvigorate themselves. We have outdoors experience and can cater to many forms of retreats - check now.

  • Naturally Energising Retreats - by negotiation 

Blogging &

LifeSpirit Blog & E-Connect - Do you want to keep connection, or add to the work LifeSpirit is doing in growing personal energy awareness? We have several ways to do that, one of which is our blog - write to us there, or send an email, or like us and contribute in our social media pages. Your participation would be most appreciated.  

Oiling for
Balance &

Oiling for Balance & Wellbeing - LifeSpirit proudly uses the Young Living Essential Oils range in our work because each oil is made with great respect for the living energy from which ever plant it is drawn, and the quality of production is first class.  If you are interested in knowing more about these amazing oils and their value to you, call us now for a complimentary 30 minute briefing.

  • Oiling for Balance & Wellbeing - go to our online shop 

Mentoring &

Distance Mentoring & Attunement - Modern technology can allow us to traverse landscapes that were previously too remote. Should you be in a disadvantaged location, yet find one or more of our energy services or opportunities to be of interest, please contact us to see what involvement may be possible for you via Zoom, Skype or telephone.  

Financial Policy - LifeSpirit recognises life circumstances are not the same for everyone. While we maintain fair and reasonable set charges for sevices, programs, courses and products, we can be flexible in cases of hardship, pensions, disability, etc.  This is not encouragement to barter down.  Due and caring consideration is given where warranted - some tradeable forms of payment may be considered acceptable.

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