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Our choices matter

It pays to be sure who you learn with - the choice is important, as the combinations of life

experience, learned processes, commitment to an aligned and balanced approach are so different

across the field of men and women practicing energy work.  What we want and what we

actually need may be two very different pictures.  Choose wisely - energy work is intimately

involved with the invisible and unseen realms of life and entering into the unknown requires

some real care in amongst the risk of learning new lessons. There is a level of energy work

maturity within LifeSpirit that has much to offer -

Energy Mentoring Series (EMS)


EMS is about learning to work with all relevant aspects of your own energy, one step at a time.  The process is done one-on-one and can be conducted face-to-face or via skype.  It involves identifying with you the range of energy awareness and practice you wish to engage in, creating your personal-to-you program, then doing the practices.  The EMS uses combinations of energy self checks, personal practice principles, practical ongoing experiences, attunements and reviews.  The series time frame is negotiable, usually across a 3 month period, with minimum 1hr sessions.  Contact us now.


EMS Design (with you, 2-3hrs) - $145.00

EMS - Level 1 (20 contact hours) - $1495.00 (books and materials are extra and are discussed and agreed when the mentoring package is designed)

Personal Energy Management (PEM)


PEM is a coaching and therapy series that helps you to co-manage your energy wellness. This is usually for people who have some experience in their own energy maintenance and want to top it up, or for those who may have completed the EMS, or for people who wish to have a coached and attunement energy boost for an agreed period. The PEM series includes reviewing your energy lifestyle approaches, developing agreed practices, and 12 attunements.  The PEM time frame is negotiable, usually across a 3 month period, with minimum 1hr sessions.  For further information, contact us now.


PEM Design (with you, 2-3hrs) - $145.00 *Note: this design is not required in some cases

PEM (20 contact hours) - $1495.00 (books and materials are extra and are discussed and agreed when the PEM series is designed)

General Coaching Services (GCS)


The LifeSpirit GCS is a negotiable commitment to improving people's energy lifestyles, where perhaps something new needs to be added to take the lifestyle a next step in its development, or an energy practice may need updating or refining, or an energy issue might require added input to be better worked with, or........?  Talk with us now.  


GCS - $40.00 / half hr, or $75.00 / hr, or $650.00 / 10 x 1hr block

Financial Policy - LifeSpirit recognises life circumstances are not the same for everyone. While we maintain fair and reasonable set charges for sevices, programs, courses and products, we can be flexible in cases of hardship, pensions, disability, etc.  This is not encouragement to barter down.  Due and caring consideration is given where warranted - some tradeable forms of payment may be considered acceptable.


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