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We are in the people business 

Our bodies are made up of billions of living cells that all co-exist and operate with an amazing

level of harmony.  They communicate energetically and form the various matrixes that allows

us to walk, talk, think, feel and do what ever it is we are here to bring.  Like the cells in a life-

filled body, in a business it is so valuable to recognise the part each person - client, landlord,

supplier, mentor, accountant, colleague, cleaner, loved one, etc - plays in the living operation

of the whole entity.  It is well worth celebrating!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you

This page is dedicated to those who, in one way or another, add to and draw on the energy of LifeSpirit allowing a rich flow of life giving essences to be shared.  Thank you to you all for being willing to share the vision of creating prosperous energy together.  We honour and give heartfelt gratitude for the movement toward balance and wellbeing that each person contributes through their care, support and enlivening of this vehicle for service.  There is a large web of connection shared into the world as we do this.


Here are some snippets to share -

Owning Your Energy Path

Nancy Rathlou


The Power of Appreciation

Energetic Beings,
Going Woo Woo


Thankfulness, gratitude, appreciation; these words are so up these days. As if nobody has ever thought of it before, giving thanks has become THE technique for the spiritually, forwardly mobile. Well, actually, it IS a marvelous tool. It is also a much needed attitude and expression in our world.


It is a choice. Nagging doubt and insecurities are available for any of us to dip into and play around in. And I know for a fact, when you’ve done enough of that, you develop a beautifully, resilient coat of cynicism. At that point, the mere suggestion of giving thanks is laughable. I know because I’ve been there… the snarkiest of the cynics!


The Power of Appreciation – I Choose Joy


To give thanks is to humble yourself and that is not always easy. Because we fear that to humble ourselves is to become vulnerable. But that’s not true. It takes strength, courage and wisdom to humble yourself. And to give thanks? Well the by-product of that is JOY.


Say thank you out loud to somebody (and really mean it) and watch their face light up. Thank you when somebody gives you a break in traffic. Thank you when somebody brings you your food, rings in your groceries, lets you go first. If you are awake and aware, it’s amazing how many opportunities there are, in any given day to, say thanks. Expressing your appreciation to another really is an act of love. What an all round empowering little phrase!


On those nights when my mind is running overtime and I just can’t sleep, rather than counting sheep, I count my blessings. There is so much to be thankful for and there is no finer atmosphere  to fall asleep in. As I said in my last article, when the cynic in me rears its ugly head, I fight back with gratitude. It’s so Kung Fu!


Every moment in every day, the choice is ours. Will I revel in my discontent or will I turn that baby around before it eats me up? Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Happy is so attainable! I’ll choose JOY thanks!

Seed to Seal

When it comes to our essential oils, Young Living sets the standard for purity and authenticity. We carefully monitor the production of our oils from beginning to end through our unique Seed to Seal® process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil and protecting nature’s living energy in every bottle.



For more than two decades, we've diligently overseen every step of this process, both on our own global farms and with our carefully vetted partner farms.This unsurpassed commitment to quality means that you can be confident that the Young Living essential oils and oil-infused products you use in your home are safe and effective.


A WAY of LIFE - Andrew Shier

"Andrew Shier writes in Chapter 1 of this beautiful, simple yet profound book: "Where do I live in myself when I share Attunements? I live here at the core of my being." Andrew's presence carries a fine quality of peace and stillness. If he did nothing other than reside there, the world would be enriched - and indeed is....


...In her book THE FIELD Lynne McTaggart writes: We are not isolated beings living our desparate lives ona lonely planet in an indifferent universe. We never were alone. We were always part of a larger whole....We had far more power than we realized, to heal ourselves, our loved ones, even our communities. It is this message that Andrew underlines through every page of this book, and with every fibre of his being." Michael Cecil - Ashland, Oregon August 2007




There may be a revolution

rumbling in the field of health

care; perhaps none too soon as

standard medical practice is

breaking the bank of our Canada Health Insurance Plan while often leaving areas of personal health care sadly lacking. It's not an uprising of alternative practitioners who are on the increase in numbers and popularity, in spite of not being covered by The Plan. Current research in quantum physics shows that many less invasive techniques favorably influence the body's electromagnetic field and achieve beneficial results, without side-effects. I refer to this field in my book, Vibrational Vitality, as a Bio-Energy Field - indeed a living electromagnetic field surrounding and penetrating all levels and functions: cells - organs - body systems - mind, emotions and spirit - the whole person.


Dr. Robert Beck, physicist and Energetic Medicine researcher was one of the first to recognize, in the 1960s, that charts of the oscillations of the earth's magnetic frequencies looked a lot like EEG readings (brain scans) of humans. He performed experiments with healers from various regions and religions, including Amazonian shamans, Hawaiian kahunas, Christian faith healers, Indian yogis, and Buddhist lamas, and showed that - at the moment of healing - their brain wave frequencies were virtually identical.


The Earth resonates at an average frequency of 7.8 Hz, while, “the dominant brainwave frequency of sensitives, such as shamans and healers, comes close to 7.83 Hz and may, at times, beat in phase with the Earth's signal, thereby causing harmonic resonance.” Observations like this are being confirmed by leading-edge science of the 21st century.

Dr Ronald Polack -

Cedar Barstow
Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics

" The Right Use of Power and Influence is one of the most crucial needs of our time and one of the greatest challenges we face in leadership arenas as well as in personal development.  Using power in an ethical way is learning to use power wisely.


The ability to sustain relationship with skill and wisdom in the face of challenging ethical issues, is power with heart. We have the capacity for wisdom in our use of power, yet we have been wounded by misuses and abuses of power by those in positions of trust.  We have also inevitably misused or under-used our power in professional and personal situations.


Power is simply the ability to have an effect, or to have influence.  However, the right use of this influence is complex.  The right use of power in positions of trust is not simply the result of good intentions.  It is also the ability to act sensitively, creatively, and effectively in the service of others and yourself. This requires engaging attention, relationaship mastery, and a lifetime involvemnet in increasing sensitivity to the impact of our use of power."

Sound is energy


Dr Anthony J. Palombo, DCAdvanced Clinical Nutrition - CRA - BEST - Attunement & Sound Healing


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SACRED ANATOMY (Book) - Where spirit and flesh dance . . . in the fire of creation. Rediscovering the Soul of Chiropractic -

Sacred Sound & Attunement Manual - Visit My Blog


My mission statement - To facilitate healing for the whole person--- body-mind, heart and spirit ---through attunement with Life and the Natural World, employing Sacred Sound as a carrier wave for the healing current.

Grateful support...

"I have known Jonathan for over 20 years and have always felt uplifted and inspired by his positive and generous energy. He's supported me through some difficult times to aim for my goals and keep my energy glowing. Like he so often says, 'It's all about the energy' and Jonathan's energy is good!" Cherise Vallet - Blewett Springs, South Australia, Australia - 2020

"At a recent attunement workshop I offered at the Oman Specialized Nursing Institute, one participant commented that just experiencing the quality of stillness more frequently leads to more relaxation, healing, and a less stressful life.


I appreciate Jonathan's ability to include humour as one way of introducing attunement as a powerful healing process and lifestyle. He brings this to clients in a way that is so helpful as a calming influence, that helps open clear thinking and feeling, so right choices can be made."

John Patrick Flood - Sohar, Oman - 2020

"I have known Jonathan for over 12 years, firstly as a teacher and practitioner, then as a mentor and now as a friend.  Over this time I have observed his strong sense of and awareness around energies and how they operate.


I have also appreciated his clarity, groundedness, wise insights and the wide range of skills he offers as a dedicated energy worker. 


Jonathan genuinely “walks his talk” bringing a deep level of awareness, understanding and support to his interactions with others." Cynthia Helbig - Greenock, South Australia, Australia - 2020

"I have been teaching and sharing energy therapy for 20 years. During this time I have had the privilege to know Jonathan as a teacher and colleague. He is one of the most innovative and intuitive persons working with energy that I have known, in this amazing field of energy therapy." Leandro Castro - 

Attunement Teacher, Riverside, California, USA - 2020

"I had the privilege of working with Jonathan when I began my training in Attunement Energy work at the Riverdell Spiritual Centre in 2010.


As a teacher, guide and mentor, Jonathan's commitment to drawing forth the best from everyone is profound & exemplary. He inspires through his compassion for all & his love of service to the highest good." Frances W - Tanunda, South Australia, Australia - 2020

"From a loving touch on a child's hurt leg or arm, to a green thumb growing flowers, to a smile or hug giving a sense of home, to breathing out and in... Life's energy and flowing force inspires and empowers all.


For years I've known and worked with Jonathan's balancing and healing energy. Highly recommended!" Stan Grindstaff - Master of Fine Arts (MFA), California, USA - 2020 

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