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Professional need or greed

The corporate world is going through many ups and downs in these the challenging times as businesses assess the trends of their changing consumer bases and generally try to maximise their profits, as well as their long term viability and prosperity.  While generating a good yield or harvest is commendable, the balance between prosperity and greed is a precarious slope with dire

consequences for too much self-indulgence.  The world financial scene is a current testament to that,

with many countries, large and small, teetering at the door of over indebtedness.


It is a big ask to do business in the uncertainty of today, when you consider additional influences such

as growing unemployment, aging populations, corruption, poor financial business management, big

business manipulations, ever rising debt issues, greed, eco friendly requirements, sustainable practices,

red taping governments, consumer protection, litigation and malpractice, recycling focus, and the

technological revolution, to name a few.  All these dramas stir up our global business pot where more

savvy consumers are less trusting and want more for their money.


What can business do?

Do good business!!  There is a great deal that can be done to creatively work the energy that is still involved in the primary purpose of business - fulfilling a consumer's need in exchange for fair payment.  As more and more business people realise that a good proportion of their customers, just like themselves, want a level of good and caring service, trustworth dealings, honest

transacting, environmentally friendly goods and services, value for money results, and decent business

ethics.  Looking below the surface of what is wanted by clients, there is an energy base to it all.  There

has been some advances in businesses and companies adopting corporate values over the past 20

years, though it has been easy to espouse these and not actually follow through on them.  


Real energy base

To create long lasting business, there is still the requirement to truly serve the needs of the clients /

customers / consumers so that they feel well satisfied enough with what is offered that they want to

return and pay for more.  LifeSpirit begins its energy process with checking in on the core energy of

those in the business and how that will translate into good business transactions.  For example, a

successful restaurant knows that real results come from putting their love and passion into creating

and cooking good food, giving genuinely friendly service and providing the kind of atmosphere that

the consumer wants - it has proven itself to work time and again. 

"It is my pleasure to have known Jonathan as a talented and deeply caring provider of energy work.  I recommend him as a 'go to' person when one needs to clarify health from a spiritual basis.  I have seen the effectiveness of his work and I wholly support his continued service to humankind." David Washington -

Minister & Musician, North Carolina, USA - 2020

Grateful support...
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