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Balanced Energy Mastery starts soon...

On Sunday December 11 the first of our 14 days, over 14 months, walking of the living pathway of Life Energy Attunement begins. The program builds the commonsense development of your energy awareness, understanding and experience. Do you know how your energy barometer works, especially with its ebbs and flows? Have you felt the fullness and power of your natural vibrational nature? How do you move your sense of confusion into confidence, or your burn out into balance, or your chaos into calm? This is a great time to help you join up the invisible dots, better manage the energy sensitivity that you likely don't know you have, and grow into a calmer, better balanced, resilient and happier person. It all begins in your energy. Look over more about the program, the general information, program dates, etc., by going to the Learning page on this site and selecting the Balanced Energy Mastery Brochure & Application buttons.

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