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Lightness lifts heaviness

Finding it tough right now? At times, have things become an unbearable weight upon your shoulders, or is there a feeling like there's a tightening noose around your neck? Nothing is going right? Having trouble sleeping, or doing the basics around home or at work, or eating decently? Is the darkness often creeping in, or is seriousness overshadowing you? Perhaps, like me, you need to take time to re-focus on the levity in life - and do some energetic lightening up?

As I've learned to cope and thrive with my energy sensitivity - which isn't always understandable, nor does it play fair - there have been some horror days. From the dark depths of my vibrational process, I've had times when my mind's best attempts couldn't help me wade through the heaviness or seeming seriousness of what was going on in or around me. Nor could the well-meaning help of others. No amount of struggle or good intentioned efforts to solve the situations could budge me from my lethargy, discomfort and pain.

It was during one of my low times that someone gave me a book on farts, yes farts - a creative person had decided to give farts different names, descriptions and where they might occur - I found it hilarious. It is not what many would think of as a darkness breaker, but the laughter it prompted in me did begin to lift the heaviness lid I had on. The more I laughed, AND stepped back to see the inanity and silliness of what I was engaging in, the more I woke up to how seriousness had gained a grip on me. I had become something of a "serious-aholic" and it was energy draining.

Sure enough, as I allowed a sense of lightness, levity and letting go to fill my being, the heaviness began to dissolve. My friends and loved ones would notice the difference and often add to the laughter as I chuckled my way back to lightness. I vowed to become a reformed serious-aholic and actually started doing laughter workshops to help others come to terms with the heaviness and discomfort of their serious-osity. It is a choice we each can make.

Ask yourself - how much am I laughing, particularly at myself, these days? Am I willing to choose that, instead of letting darkness or seriousness have it's way. There is much healing, wellbeing and prosperity to be found in taking the lightness path!

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