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Welcome to the oldest new frontier!

Take it from me, when it comes to experiencing the world of (personal) energy, be prepared to be joyful and confused, mind-boggled and inspired, baffled and awareness jogged, lost and found, awed and skeptical, uplifted and stunned, knowing and ignorant, and the list could go on and on.

They are just some of the words I've used to try to briefly express that which very often defies having adequate english to describe - the picture of my growing journey in energy awareness and sharing.

SO! I've decided to blog/share around aspects of this journey now because it continues to stir my soul beyond belief; it is "up" in the world (especially in the health, wellbeing, and healing fields); and embracing it has yielded tragedies and treasures that continue to fuel my creative living. Perhaps you are moving through experiences of this too!?

While it hasn't been a totally solitary process, now is the time to see on a much wider scale who and how others are going in their awakening to, what I believe is, our foundational nature - that we are energy first and foremost....and the rest follows!

I suspect we are rediscovering the oldest ever, new frontier. For example, I muse that if we could actually perceive some kind of beginning to all existence, there would have to have been energy present - a source of vibration - that eventually, in all of its oscillations, conspired somehow into the creation of the universe we have. Otherwise there would be a total void - a nothingness, nadda, nix, nought, zip, wouldn't there?

While I'm sure there are plenty of complexities that my general statement (we are energy) may ride across, the crux of actually truly experiencing and knowing this to my core has changed my life for the better. It is why sharing awareness and encouraging experience of it, as best I can and while I still can, is my next step.

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