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Spring's shoots - good or weeds?

Does my mind really know the difference between what is for my greater good, or does it let fanciful or unaware things take root in my energy system's ground - am I letting weeds seed? There can be significant consequences if I am!!

Early in my life, I certainly didn't have the clarity to distinguish between what my genuine source consciousness was planting and incubating and what was just a (limited judgement, best guess, or lofty fantasy based) scattering of "good" ideas. In hindsight, my naivety was well coloured with lots of good and weedy external influences that I often let have "garden bed" seed room in me.

I remember in the early 80's when my hollywood-bubble-seed image of marriage-and-living-happily-ever-after burst. In the whole process, I hurt others and myself by letting that fantasy usage of my inner garden energy roll on. It did teach me a great deal, yet at a core level, I still didn't quite get the principle of observing (at arms length) what I was allowing to seed and grow in me, and to pluck out the weeds or tares. That took a few more quite painful years to learn and I'm much better at it now that I tune into the energy of what is happening.

Today, in this Spring cycle, it is the best time to do a self check on what has been planted in me in my Winter phase, and to remember to weed out the little shoots of what is not true for my energy use now, and tend carefully that which is. It takes attention, focus and due diligence on these smaller things to avoid an eventual overgrowth of what is not wanted. How are you doing in sorting the wheat from the tares in you?

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