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Choice of awareness or ignorance?

LIFE - ALERT.....hello, Jonathan, are you you know where you are at in the creative stages of things....hhmmm? Are you then making aware choices....and then doing what is needed? No? Owwwww.....that's going to hurt! ME - Huh!?!? Surely I can do what I like, when I like, how ever I like and it'll be fine? LIFE - Ahahaha....sure....good luck with that!!!

What a really good Life lesson to learn. How? Like our seasons, there is a reliable cyclic energy process inside us that can power up our living when we know what it is and use it wisely and consistently. After all, what would happen on our planet with one endless winter? Or, if different seasons started jumping all over the place, week by week? Or, no seasons occurred at all?

Have you ever thought about that? We'd have major catastrophes on our hands wouldn't we....plants, trees, insects, creatures of all kinds would be thrown into chaos, not knowing when to grow, or hibernate, or reproduce, or eat.......just for starters. What about us - are any of these states happening on the inside of us.....because it is there? Check your levels of unhappiness, pain and discomfort as a starting point.

My experience in me is that when I forget that there is a commonsense progression of my season/energy, or, I choose to ignore the cycle I'm in, all hell breaks loose.....and generally I suffer as a consequence. Choosing to be aware isn't just a blue moon thing to do either. In fact, I have to pay attention to it each day by taking time to tune into what is in my inner and outer atmosphere - like a weather check. It is quite fun when you get into the rhythm of it.

I learned, as with all of life, the building materials for each part of the seasonal/cyclic process is there for me/us to put my/our energy into, and out of it I/we can generate health, prosperity and wellbeing - GREAT! Ignore it though, and the consequences become more like doom, gloom and disease - YIKES!

What steps put me on the right energy awareness path? Consciously choosing to recognise when things were off track and on track, in me, was a good beginning. Becoming aware of the characteristics of each cycle (slow, fast or heartful, mindful) and knowing how to navigate them, because each is different, was another valuable step. Celebrating being on the right road was a good incentive to keep me alert too. So, how are you doing with your seasoning today?

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