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Are you energy sensitive & don't know it?

My (passion for) energy work started long before my conscious mind actually knew what was going on. Could that be the same for you, and you don't know it yet, or perhaps you are just waking up to it?

For example, I have micro remembering moments of spontaneously giving and receiving love (energy) when I was just a wee toddler - the wonderful licks and nuzzlings of our scotch collie, the presences of my mum and dad, feeling new sensations like the sound of a rattle, or the involuntary acts of pooping and peeing, or being hungry and fed, or laughing and curiously touching those there, as they did me. In my ignorant innocence, my energy awarenesses were being activated through what was being said (and not said) and done.

AND, it wasn't all sparkles and kisses either - I did sense other energies in and around me too. They were what I'd later come to label as such things as sadness, fear, abandonment, pain, loss, confusion, loneliness, shame and anger. These essences mostly hurt or were painful, and I know I cried or grizzled easily in response to them then - even though there was no mindful understanding of what was happening.

So, my inner energy education was beginning, though my mini memory moments didn't really get it. I began clumsily working/coping with it all somehow in the NOT knowing, like groping in the dark for what I'd eventually learn was an elusive light switch. Curiously, for this "it-is-here-from-the-beginning-and-is-a-total-given-of-what-we-are-thingo-and-grown-ups-should-know-it", I don't remember any direct conscious external help with the learning of what these energy experiences of mine were, nor how to handle them? Did, or have you? Why is that....considering the BIG ramifications or consequences involved?

I was a really slow learner in this, yet what I do realise and know very clearly now is that it was ALL about my/our energy, and then how I could choose to use it, or not, through my equipment of my body, mind and emotions. I learned my/our energy is given tangible form through my/our words, actions and even the silences of the moments. How is it for you?

Of course, in those early days, I just ignorantly engaged in the immediate time and I did not have the "standing back awareness" (of today) to see it with any balanced perspective. It was essentially about energy initiating, or responsing, and vicariously learning from there. I quite often found it a very awkward, overwhelming and scary experience, and I know I shrunk away from much that even hinted at there being a risk of hurt or pain then.

Today, thankfully, is a different story. My energy learning and experience has slowly and magically brought me out into sharing its presence, benefits and down sides. My passion is to open the world of energy up for those wanting to engage in it, be aware of it, learn from it, be a better person for it, and join together in inspiring others to do the same. Switch on!

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